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Here is a list of the services we offer. Feel free to contact me with any questions or for more information.


Cost of training and boarding:                                                                                    $600 per 30 days

Cost of hoof            trim $30, half shoe $60, full shoe$100 add $5 to travel with in 35 miles of Crete

 Cost of hauling                                                                                                                           At cost Cost of vet/shots/dewormer/ other medical needs:                                                                     At cost   Cost of extra feed/supplements/bedding:                                                                                 At cost



Every horse has to stay in training a minimum of 60 days

Only 2 and 3 years get there first rides

All horses 4 and older must be started before entering training

We provide hay and safe choice for grain   


Day fee for showing/coaching                                                                                            $30 per day  Lodging for trainer                                                                                                   Divided per horse  Entry/office/association fees                                                                                                     At cost 

Stalls/bedding fees                                                                                                                     At cost

Tack stall                                                                                                                   Divided per horse

Health/coggins/vet papers                                                                                                          At cost

Extra hay/grain                                                                                                                           At cost

I require hauling and lodging (when spending night) cost be paid 48 hours prior to leaving.

I also require signed blank check to pay for all showing costs 48 hours prior to leaving.

The showing/coaching fee can be added to the monthly training payment the following month.

Lessons/ Clinics

(We currently have no lesson horses available at the time so you must provide your own horse)

Private lessons                                                                                                                         $30/hour